The Wild Woman’s Circle™

Re-Wild Yourself

The Wild Woman’s Circle™

  is based on Michaela Boehm’s body of work “The Wild Woman’s Way®”

Jessica Van Valkenburgh, is an Authorized teacher and facilitator.

The Wild Woman’s Circle™ is an invitation for you to re-wild yourself.

To engage with the innate wisdom of your body. To peel back layers of coping and contractions, closure and old habit. To release heartache, grief and trauma. To come back to yourself, the wild, glorious, untamed part of who you are, that holds power and wisdom. To claim the pleasure that is your birthright.

The Wild Woman Circle™ is an experiential engagement into who you are as a woman, not as a fixed idea or a template, but rather as a gentle unfolding of your gifts, talents and natural abilities.

Through exercises, movement, dance, consideration and ritual you will discover how you express as a woman and experience a deepening of your relationship to yourself and those around you.

You will learn in and through your body how to express yourself, with an intimate partner and in your daily lives.

Each Wild Woman’s Circle™ offers 4 elements of engagement:

Connection and Check-in

Each Circle starts with a themed check in, which allows you to be seen, heard and expressed. You’ll join a dedicated tribe of women who you can practice and play with.


Embodiment is an invitation to “come back into the body.” It is the process of becoming alive to the signals our bodies perceives and sends. You will engage in movement and exercises that sensitize and enliven your body.


Relational Engagement

Explore your personal expression of the Feminine through partnered movement, dialogue and exercises.


Engage in meaningful and potent ritual as a means to connect with yourself and others.

This is an invitation for you to engage with yourself—with your living, feeling body as a portal to unlocking who you truly are.

The Wild Woman is a part of each of us. She is connected to all things in nature, including her own body, whom she cares for and utilizes as an instrument of perception. She represents the part of each woman that comes from nature and is part of nature.

Each of us has that native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that know what is true for us. This looks and feels different for each woman, and no two are ever alike.


Wild Woman’s Circle™

This is a virtual class which is hosted on Zoom weekly, Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm- 8:00pm EST. Upon registering, you will receive an email with suggested tools and materials to bring with you to class. You are invited to purchase a discounted bundle of 10 weeks or drop-in and pay class by class.


Wild Woman’s Workshop

This is an in-person full day workshop which is hosted once a quarter. Details on time, agenda and location are provided on the link to register.  All tools and materials are provided.

Unsure if the Wild Woman’s Circle™ is for you?

Learn more about Michaela Boehm.

Body Confidence work is for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their body. For anyone who desires a more loving and intimate relationship with their body. And for anyone who wants to grow and nurture the process of finding their authentic self. Anyone who identifies as a woman, with any body type, shape, ability or size is welcome.

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