Why the World Needs Body Confidence

Woman. Body. Fear. Acceptance. Wound. Self Love. Failure. Fat.

As women, we have been pressured to define ourselves by our bodies. We call ourselves fat, thin, voluptuous, and skinny. We believe that who we are as a person is a direct result of the way we look. We rely on our image to define us, to endorse us, and to make us unique. We have allowed society, the media, older generations, and men to control the way we think about our bodies and to determine how we should live in them. We compare ourselves to models, magazines, and other women. We diet and go through excruciating exercise plans only to be unsuccessful. We feel like we have given up. We have sold out, traded up, and settled. We have been shamed for our bodies and we have shamed others. We have been labeled too sexy and too prude. We have been told to flaunt what we have and to it cover up. We deny ourselves pleasure and love as punishment.

Our bodies are tired…..Our hearts are weary. There has to be another way.

We are not defined by our bodies. Our body and the relationship we have with it is a direct result of how much we love ourselves. What if we didn’t have to change our bodies, but only our perspective?

The answer is found in LOVE.

Love for ourselves and acceptance. When we begin to understand that we are not our bodies, we begin to heal. When we can see that our bodies are magical and beautiful on their own, we learn gratitude. When we start putting our own thoughts and ideas about ourselves above others, we grow. When we stop listening to the world and find the voice within, we thrive.

We are not meant to hate our bodies, our homes, or our residence or ourselves for our entire lifetime. We need women who can relish in being exactly who they are. We need to stop judging and support other women. Happiness isn’t a number or a pants size. We need to search to find the true meaning of our own happiness.

Body confidence is real, it’s available, and it’s long overdue.