My Salvaged Stone

The best place to watch the sunset is definitely on the beaches of Northern
Michigan. A ember ball of butter dipping slowly into a pond of amethyst and blush waves can instantly transport me a million miles away from all my worries. In those few magical moments just before the sun sets, I can’t help but feel wild, and free and so full of hope knowing that though the sun is setting on this day, another is right around the corner.

I am exceptionally grateful I got to spend a lot of time on those beaches last week. While sitting at the edge of the water, I watched my husband and friends search for the ever evasive and legendary Petoskey Stones. Through a big grin, and with a chilly Lake Michigan splash, my husband informed me that the only way to really see them was to get all the rocks on the shore wet. I watched in admiration as he scanned the surf with childlike wonder, melting me into a moment of appreciation for the days biggest worry being that the rocks wouldn’t dry out quicker than his ability to scavenge through them.

I peered down at the congregation of stones. He was right. There were millions of them. With a splash of the fresh water, the seemly dull white and grey stones, which had poked my tender feet when walking to our spot, had illuminated to greens, reds and golds glimmering below the soft skirts of the tumbling waters. It was magic. Mesmerizing. As the warm twilight gently kissed my shoulders I felt happy, grateful and humbled by those tiny rocks. A small tide of guilt tugging at me for not fully appreciating them before. They were always there; just as small, proud and stunning, but it took me a second look and a little help to really see them.

Sometimes I think my life is a Petoskey Stone, gently tucked beneath the steady wings of the rolling waves. It is precious, rare and dazzling. I have been carved by the storms which have raged within me, the heat and the pressure that has almost melted me. The cold and chilling glacier days that had nearly frozen me. Facing the vortex, and hitting the sandy bottom, I submerged. It was through that time and in those changes that, I have fossilized and become something new, magnificent and rare. Like the coral embedded in the stone, I have been given a new life that is bigger and better than I could have ever imaged. When I decided to get really honest about who I was and really admit what my issues were, I changed. I stopped drowning and started swimming. With a little help, for the first time I could truly see exactly who I was, and who I was meant to be.

We can all look the same on the surface, just a jumble of tiny white rocks on a beach; but in truth, we are all individual, personal and extraordinary beings. Change is as steady as a current and constant as the sunset. With every days end, I am reminded of how precious and amazing this life is. I know I can appreciate it when I have the patience to sit, watch, dream and see things for what they really are beneath the whitecaps of my imagination, treading water from the over-exertion of my expectations. I have learned to listen only to the rhythm of my own souls swell, breaking on the shores of my destiny. I know its okay to just be quiet and humble like a stone on the bank, but searching for the real me inside is always worth the salvaging.