Classes and Events

a note about online classes....

Due to Covid-19, most classes, workshops and courses will be currently only offered online.  The world has given me a chance to pivot online.  While this pandemic has been devastating, frustrating and heartbreaking, I believe the positive outcome is a deeper appreciation and acknowledgment of the values and various elements which sculpt our busy lives.  The online platform is growing everyday- and while I deeply miss in-person interaction, I am grateful for the technology that allows us to still meet and commune online.  I am proud to offer dynamic and transformational digital products.  


Maybe you can see this shift as a reason to start something new.  Maybe it’s the right time to look within and decide you are ready to make a change. With zero commute and less excuses, now is the time to show up for yourself.



“Yoga is the intimate dance that unifies the body and the soul.  I have found yoga to be the most powerful catalyst for change, when it comes to loving and accepting our bodies.”

When I am not in a dance class, choreographing, or performing in a show, my mat becomes my stage.  I have loved the openness and centering yoga has brought into my life.  Yoga is so much more than a physical practice.  My body ignites in the slow burn of a stretch.  My mind learns how to focus on only one thing at a time.  I practice perseverance as I push through poses, or exercises that are difficult.  I practice witnessing and calming my anxiety through meditation.  I practice finding gratitude for my body and soul, especially if I am carrying a little extra emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual weight.  I can feel beautiful, happy and free by acknowledging my spirit’s desire to move and to be quiet.  I am literally glowing from the inside out when I am serving myself and others in this karmic celebration of flow.


I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me.  In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.


Jessica was a lifesaver!

As someone that likes group fitness- but had never really loved yoga, Jessica was a lifesaver! Her knowledge of the art and science of yoga and the body, paired with the humor she bought to each class made me a yoga convert!

-Michele K


Classes are taught via Zoom, when you register you will be sent the link and password.  Before partaking in any new exercise journey, please check in with your doctor to ensure yoga is a good fit for you.  Make sure you nourish yourself properly before and after class, and always have water with you during class.  Some yoga practices need to be done on an empty stomach, this is not necessarily true for these classes.  However, you may choose to eat foods which promote good feelings and create comfort before stretching and exercising.   Wear clothing you are comfortable moving in and feel good on your skin. 

Due to the nature of online classes, it may not always be possible for me to see your body in every posture and give adjustments.  Therefore, TRUST your own intuition about knowing what feels right for you and your body.  

The following props are not necessary, but can be helpful for your home practice:

Yoga Mat

Yoga Blocks (2-4)

Blanket (one made of stiffer material like a Yoga Blanket is optimal)

Adjustable strap

I have linked some products you may enjoy HERE on my SHOP page.

You may also use props from things you have in your house, such as books, belts, pillows and blankets.  That’s okay too.  The focus of your practice is you!  Props will just help you to reap more benefits in a pose, no matter where you are on your yoga journey.

Chair Yoga

Weekly Zoom Class

This 45 minute class is designed for everyone to achieve the benefits of yoga despite age, physical limitations, illness and limiting beliefs.  Every body can do Chair Yoga! Through Breath Work, Gentle Yoga Flow, and Meditation you will learn to know and appreciate your body in new ways. I have developed this weekly class to incorporate themes of balance, stability, compassion and relaxation for women. This journey will help build peace of mind, the ability to live in the moment and patience with yourself and others on and off the mat. There is no experience necessary to take this class.  Variations will be given to accommodate all levels. Every body, size and shape is welcome. 

Due to popularity pre-registration is necessary. Space is limited.

This class is offered weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST


relax the body and calm the spirit, feeling at peace with who you are

find a community of like-minded people with the common goal of feeling good in their bodies

Change limiting beliefs about what you are capable of, yoga is for every damn body

“I never thought I could do yoga because I’m not flexible, this class showed me I can.  The benefits are unbelievable.”

BB Self-Love Club

We are a sisterhood of women who are tired of struggling with our relationship to our bodies and are ready to create a more soulful, tenderhearted and sacred presence, so that we can bond through personal shared stories and experiences, remember and discover our soul’s purpose, and ease suffering in ourselves and ultimately the world.

Discover the magic of this sacred and safe online community.

find a community of like-minded people with the common goal of learning to love their bodies.

Attend daily, weekly and monthly activities designed to help you connect and share.

“I love being able to connect with other Yogis who feel the same way as me, about my body.”

The Building Body

Confidence Program

The most supportive, and comprehensive 12 week program for transforming the relationship you have with your body.

Building Body Confidence is the only digital program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to rewrite your body story with love and compassion — but how to build a more intimate mind and body collaboration through yoga, meditation, personal growth exercises and coaching.

Through pre-recorded and live modules with Asana and Mediation sequences, you will fully embrace the person you are called to be.  Peal away the layers that have been holding you back.





“I have been waiting my whole life for the shift I was able to make in just 12 weeks.”