Affirmation Cards

Wish you loved your Body
just as it is??

Download these Body Confidence Affirmations Today!

✨Begin your journey to happiness and a greater sense of comfort in who YOU really are✨ ✔️ Stay focused on what matters, even if it seems like 2020 will never end✔️ Dive into what makes YOU beautiful, no more wishing you had her face or body, you’ll become your own gorgeous standard and appreciate your beautiful body.✔️ Positive affirmations to repeat throughout the day, let’s get rid of negative self-talk together!   Are you ready to be who you’ve always wanted to be? Get your FREE copy of the Body Confidence Affirmation Cards today! I can’t wait to see you fall in love with you!

How you speak to yourself matters.

You may not realize it, but your body and your mind is always listening to the words you are saying about yourself.  Use these cards to re-frame negative self-talk and release your inner critic.

Set an intention for the day.

When you set an intention.  you bring yourself into the present moment.  You commit to handling life one moment at a time, and giving yourself grace to be human.   You do not have to be perfect, to be deserving of these loving phrases.  You are already enough.

Body Confidence is forever.

This work is for life.  You will always have to come back to being kind to yourself.  Repeating these words daily can become a habit, and will then turn into a stamp on your heart, and a road-map for your journey to true Body Confidence.

...and I'm on a mission to teach you,

how to love yourself.

I am here to break the painful cycles of negative body image, which are considered normal in our society.  To be an advocate for women to love and accept their bodies and their whole Selves.  To inspire a different approach to self-love, beginning at home in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.  To expose the powerful connection between movement, breath, mindfulness and feelings for healing.  We can change the relationship we have with our bodies and, I am here to serve as your guide toward embodying your greatest heart’s desire, to be happy…being you.