You don’t have to be a prisoner to the pain. I want you to strip away the layers that are holding you back.  Now is the time to start your journey toward discovering your authentic soul.

I am here to break the painful cycles of negative body image, which are considered normal in our society.  To be an advocate for women to love and accept their bodies and their whole Selves.  To inspire a different approach to self-love, beginning at home in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.  To expose the powerful connection between movement, breath, mindfulness and feelings for healing.  We can change the relationship we have with our bodies and, I am here to serve as your guide toward embodying your greatest heart’s desire, to be happy…being you.

Arrive and Accept

We begin the journey by getting to know you again, and really feel into where your body is storing your pain.

Forgive and Love

Having realized the pain you feel is often caused by you, you will learn how to forgive with love.

Heal and Shine

By beginning to shift the relationship with your body, your pure essence of inner-joy will shine out into the world.


I invite you to read my story and understand how I continue to heal the relationship with my body, live in the moment, and have learned how to be truly BRAZENLY BEAUTIFUL.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I have been a dancer since the time I could walk. I learned at a very early age to rely on my mirror to tell me the way things should be. It told me about my body and my talent. It showed me what looked good and was pleasing, along with what was out of place and needing correction.

I was a natural when it came to dancing. There was no higher satisfaction for me than the praise and admiration of an audience, even at four years old. This was probably the beginning of my torrid love affair with the praise and criticism of external validation.

When I was doing everything right; I was on top of the world, but if I received a correction from my instructor, I was devastated, especially when it related to my body.


If Only I…

As I got a little older, I used to watch myself in class. In my mind I would think, “everything is perfect, except my tummy. If only I could suck it in harder…do a few more sit-ups…skip dinner…” I thought if I just lost a little more weight, I would be truly happy. I thought my body was the thing holding me back. I was afraid if I let my stomach go, everyone might figure out I’m not perfect, might see where I hid my deepest pain. My fear, my doubts about myself and self-hatred were all right there, living just south of my belly button.

Too Fat and Not Good Enough?

As time went on, I went to great lengths to achieve the perfect physique. I continued my education in dance through college and after I graduated, I was cast in a Las Vegas Review. It was a classic Vegas show with feathers, rhinestones, and scantily-clad goddesses parading around under bright lights.

At the peak of my career I was 30 pounds underweight, yet despite all my best efforts to fit in, I was often told I was too fat, I wasn’t good enough, and I didn’t have the right shape.

Negative Self-Talk

It became exhausting hiding from the world. I blamed all of my problems in my life on my weight. When there was criticism that endorsed my negative self-talk, I dove deeper into the hatred. I went to any length possible to keep myself in the illusion of perfection.

Eventually, I left the show and the intense pressure behind.  No longer having the identity and validation of being a Showgirl, I leaned into addiction, binge and purging, and depression.

I quit dancing. I tried to navigate the new waters, but my intuition had been broken for a long time. I didn’t know how to trust myself. In trying to make my “gut” disappear, I forgot how to listen to it. I swirled for years in confusion about my body and my worth; a chaotic tornado of my own making.

Healing and Body Positivity – Self-Love and Self-Respect

It took many years for the relationship with my body to begin to change. I realized I had spent too much time postponing my joy and waiting around to be someone else’s idea of perfect before I could allow myself to be loved or happy.

I began my journey of healing and body positivity and focused on my recovery. I rewrote the stories in my head. I learned how to accept and have an appreciation for the amazing gift of my body. I found ways to grow in self-worth, which included body confidence and most of all radical acceptance.

  • Through yoga, I found the Divine within myself and the answers to all of my questions about who I am and what I am called to be on this planet.

  • I developed a mind-body connection that not only enforced my new beliefs, but also transformed me as a person from the inside out.

  • I let go of the shame, the guilt, and other people’s expectations of the way I should look.

  • I learned that the main things I truly had the power to change were my perspectives and my reactions.

  • I discovered parts of my soul that had been buried for a long time.

  • Most importantly, I learned to respect and love myself, just as I am, through every chapter of my journey.


I have committed to this ongoing work within myself.  I recognize that there is no quick fix to developing Body Positivity, but that I am deserving and worthy of this growth and evolution and incredibly grateful for it.

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