Beautiful one,

I see you

It’s time to remember your true Essence.

You are woman. You are the temple.

Welcome to Brazenly Beautiful

The definition of Brazen is in a bold manner, without shame.


When we are babies, we discover our bodies. We feel happy and free just being in them. Our days are filled with wonder and excitement, discovering who we are and our place in this world. At some point; as children, we realize we can no longer be naked and free. We begin to feel shame about who we are and what we look like. We try to fit in. We understand that there is a system we must follow. We learn our beliefs about who we are from the people around us. Most of us; will spend the rest of our lives trapped in this cycling system of shame. We will abandon ourselves, our bodies, and the glory of who we are called to be unless we actively choose to be Brazenly Beautiful.

Being Brazenly Beautiful means fighting against the norms of society. Shedding the weight of the heavy and limiting beliefs that have been placed on you about needing to fit into a mold. Cultivating pride in who you are and what you look like despite the opinions of others. Connecting back to the sacred and wild women inside, who remembers the need to feel sensitivity and sensation. You will learn that your value is not measured pound-by-pound or inch-by-inch but rather, your worth is inherited and the world needs your unhindered magic.

Being Brazenly Beautiful is not just accepting your body or who you are, it’s being bold enough to truly adore and love yourself. It’s connecting back to the true Essence of your feminine nature and allowing your own magic to acknowledge a life where you are embodied, centered and deeply loved.

When it comes to your body, when you shed shame, you no longer feel the need to fit in, to answer to anyone, to play small, to be bought and sold, or to hate yourself. The body has an inherent way of healing itself from trauma and injury, when you support it, allow it and embrace it.  You can make your own light and allow it to shine. You won’t be deceived into believing you need anything outside of yourself to be beautiful, whole or healed because you know that you have always been, and will always be enough; just as you are, just as you were born to be. 

Services Offered

The Wild Woman's Circle ™

The Wild Woman’s Circle is based on Michaela Boehm’s body of work “The Wild Woman’s Way®”.  Through exercises, movement, dance, consideration and ritual you will discover how you express as a woman and experience a deepening of your relationship to yourself and those around you.

Weekly Yoga Classes

Virtual or In-Person

These weekly yoga classes incorporate themes of balance, stability, compassion, grace, relaxation, somatic awareness and body confidence.

The Building Body Confidence Coaching & Movement Program

The 12-week Blended Movement and Coaching program to completely transform the relationship you have with your body. Designed for women who want to feel radiant, fulfilled, embodied and positive in their own skin.

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In-Person Yoga for Self-Care

Home Team Fitness and Wellness 47520 Avante Dr., Wixom

This 50 minute class is designed for everyone to experience the benefits of Yoga for Self Care. Through Breath Work, Gentle Yoga Flow, and Meditation you will learn to know […]


In-Person Yoga for Self-Care

Home Team Fitness and Wellness 47520 Avante Dr., Wixom

This 50 minute class is designed for everyone to experience the benefits of Yoga for Self Care. Through Breath Work, Gentle Yoga Flow, and Meditation you will learn to know […]



Jessica Van Valkenburgh

Body Confidence Coach, RYT 200

Dance, Movement and Yoga Specialist


I’m a light-maker, and cycle-breaker.

I grew up believing I was beautiful, until someone told me I wasn’t and I believed them. I spent years hating my body, cursing it, and abandoning myself. I did not understand why my relationships were a mess, why I could not find happiness in my career, and why I could not lose weight or change my body into what I thought it needed to be. I knew I wanted to love myself, but I didn’t know how. I felt disconnected from my feminine nature and shame around my deep longing for more sensuality, pleasure, presence and vivacious living.

It took encountering an extremely hard time, a rock bottom of sorts, for me to recognize that I didn’t have to live the way I was, and that I needed help. After learning to re-write my own body story, and awaken the wild and vibrant women within, I have healed the deep wounds of my past from the inside-out. I am here to break the painful cycles of negative body image, which are considered normal in our society. To be an advocate for women to love and accept their bodies and their whole Selves. To inspire a different approach to self-love, beginning back at home in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. To expose the powerful connection between movement, breath, mindfulness and feelings for healing.  To support and resource for our bodies to do what they inherently know how to do: to heal.

I need you to know that we all have the power to stop hurting ourselves. We can have an adoring relationship with our bodies, based on kindness, compassion, respect and deep understanding. When we become truly embodied, we can feel Whole, healed, and empowered by simply remembering who we are…who we have always been and who we are truly meant to be…ourselves.

The world needs more Jessica’s!

Working with Jess was a refreshing and welcome change from the norm. Not only was her patience with me and others never-ending, but she helped and encouraged me to embrace my sexy side, something that doesn’t come naturally to me. One of my favorite things about her is the desire to help women love themselves, and realize how beautiful they truly are.

-Elizabeth F

Body Confidence work is for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their body. For anyone who desires a more loving and intimate relationship with their body. And for anyone who wants to grow and nurture the process of finding their authentic self. Anyone who identifies as a woman, with any body type, shape, ability or size is welcome.

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