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So what is Body Confidence?

Body Confidence is not letting yourself go. It’s not living as if there is no tomorrow or being unhealthy. It's not turning your back on or disrespecting others. It’s not conceited or selfish. It’s not a trend, a flash in the pan, or a way to seek attention. Loving your body is easier than you think. You are already beautiful beyond measure, you just need to believe it. Your body is Brazenly Beautiful. Let's transform your relationship with it!

You are allowed to feel beautiful without shame.

Body Confidence is A deep Breath. A moment of peace; in the war with our own inner critic.

It is the highest form of self-love.

It is the armor protecting us from the media’s predatory glare targeting your insecurities for profits.   The antidote to the poison of other people’s expectations.  It is the driving force which reminds us that we can be joyful, happy, and free in our bodies.  It is the understanding that beauty is realness, and that we are inherently deserving and worthy of love and happiness no matter our size, shape, weight, ability, illness, or appearance.

It comes from a place of acceptance, compassion, and adoration for not only the bodies we have, but the soul housed within it.  Body Confidence is giving yourself grace by honoring the journey as you move toward your destination.  It is speaking to yourself as you would a friend, letting go of old resentments and forgiving yourself for the harm and hate of the world, but mostly the pain that you have caused, yourself.  It is having gratitude for the wonder and magnificence of an intricate set of systems, wise and knowing, constantly keeping us alive and functioning when even we don’t know how.  It is listening to the wisdom within, and all the whisperings our bodies beg for us to hear.

I’m a light-maker, and cycle-breaker.

I grew up believing I was beautiful, until someone told me I wasn’t and I believed them.  I spent years hating my body, cursing it, and abandoning myself.   I did not understand why my relationships were a mess, why I could not find happiness in my career, and why I could not lose weight or change my body into what I thought it needed to be.   I knew I wanted to love myself, but I didn’t know how.

It took encountering an extremely hard time, a rock bottom of sorts, for me  to recognize that I didn’t have to live the way I was, and that I needed help.  After learning to re-write my own body story, I have healed the deep wounds of my past from the inside-out.  I have found a mind,  body connection that is more in tune and adoring than I could have ever imagined.  I have learned to look within for answers, which has also inspired me to  answer the call to help others facing this delicate and destructive problem.

The pain we instill into our bodies is influenced by the outside world, but inflicted by us.  I need you to know that we have the power to stop hurting ourselves.  We can have a wonderful relationship with our bodies,, based on kindness, compassion, respect and understanding.  We can feel whole, healed, and empowered by who we are…just as we are.


The world needs more Jessica’s!

Working with Jess was a refreshing and welcome change from the norm. Not only was her patience with me and others never-ending, but she helped and encouraged me to embrace my sexy side, something that doesn’t come naturally to me. One of my favorite things about her, is the desire to help women love themselves, and realize how beautiful they truly are. 

-Elizabeth F

work with me

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The most supportive 6 week program for transforming the relationship you have with your body.

Building Body Confidence is the only digital program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to rewrite your body story with love and compassion — but how to build a more intimate  mind and body collaboration through yoga, meditation, personal growth exercises and coaching.

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We are a sisterhood of women who are tired of struggling with our relationship to our bodies and are ready to create a more soulful, tenderhearted and sacred presence, so that we can bond through personal shared stories and experiences, remember and discover our soul’s purpose, and ease suffering in ourselves and ultimately the world.  

Body Confidence work is for anyone who feels uncomfortable in their body.  

For anyone who desires a more loving and intimate relationship with their body.  

And for anyone who wants to grow and nurture the process of finding their authentic self.  

Women of all body types, shapes and sizes are welcome.

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